About Spell Bee

Foudroyant, pterodactyl, milquetoast…
Do these kinda words confuse and intrigue you at the same time? Shout out to all the grammar Nazis and word brainers! Apratim 2k18 brings to you and opportunity to rise like a phoenix and battle it out in this game of presence of mind, sharp responses and all those hazy words you always wanted to look up in the dictionary. To those who wanna give a crack at spell bee, the ball is in your court. Spell all the words right and win it!!

Spell Bee


  1. Individual participation- no cap.
  2. Spell Bee will consist of 8-10 participants for one round.
  3. The words will be asked by the Master on the spot.
  4. One round will consist of atleast 14-15 words.
  5. Decision of Master is final and binding on the participants.

Certificates and Prizes

  • Participation Certificates will be given to participating teams
  • Certificate of Excellence will be given to winning teams


  • Heeba(Literary Head) :- 8968649801
  • Kavya Goyal(Joint Secretary) :- 9465218915