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Talent wins Games, but teamwork and intelligence wins CHAMPIONSHIPS

Gaming refers to playing electronic games, whether through consoles, computers, mobile phones or another medium altogether. Gaming is a nuanced term that suggests regular gameplay, possibly as a hobby. Although traditionally a solitary form of relaxation, online multiplayer video games have made gaming a popular group activity as well.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Tournament Rules

  1. Competition Method: 1 vs. 1
  2. Game Type : Circuit
  3. Courses : Diamond, Dunwich Bay, Heritage Heights, Bay Bridge, East Park
  4. Track Direction : Forward
  5. LAPS : 2
  6. N2O(nitrous oxide) : OFF
  7. Collision Detection : Off
  8. Performance Matching : Off
  9. Min Num. Players : 2
  10. Part, Performance (Pro, Super Pro, Ultimate)allowed, Junkman not allowed
  11. Personal save files are NOT allowed.
  12. Cars may be tuned before racing each course.
  13. The use of Porsche GT and BMW M3 are NOT allowed.
  14. Payment on the spot
  15. Decision of organizing committee is final.


  • Siddharth Garg(Lan Gaming Head) :- 9815838023
  • Shobhit Dhawan(Lan Gaming Co-Head) :- 7626940322