About MIME

By Miming people can better convey positive messages

Mimes often evoke the image of a white-faced man or woman patting thin air with white-gloved hands to imitate being trapped inside an invisible box.That stereotypical image is evolving, says James C. Hayes, the 31-year-old founder and chief executive officer of Run the Race Performing Arts Ministry, a business that teaches miming and other forms of artistic expression.

Street Play


  1. 1. Only one participant is allowed on stage.
  2. 2. Maximum 2 helpers can provide backstage support or music.
  3. 3. No restrictions on the use of props. Marks will be awarded on their creative use and not number.
  4. 4. The plot should be original. Copied act will be disqualified.
  5. 5. Decision of judges will be final and absolute.
  6. 6. Time Limit : 5-8 minutes