About Group Discussion

Discussion is an exchange of knowledge, an argument is an exchange of ignorance.

Do you have what it takes to convince a whole group of people? To keep your views forward in a creative manner and outshine others? If you believe that your words have conviction and are bound to master everyone else's opinion then its time to show off your skills and enchant competitors in your style. We present "GEE DEE".

Group discussion is a literary event, which helps to summarize ideas of information that a group of informants may come to hold as a group rather than the information held by individual members. The general idea is that each participant will act to stimulate ideas to the other people present and that by process of discussion the collective view becomes greater than sum of individual parts.

Group Discussion


  1. Individual participation- no cap.
  2. Group discussion will consist of 8-10 participants for one round.
  3. Topic will be released by moderator 1 minutes before the discussion starts.
  4. Discussion will go on for 10 minutes.
  5. Decision of adjudicator is final and binding on the participants.
  6. Use of foul language, negative body language and intimidating other participants may lead to disqualification.
  7. Foul, rude or angry tone may lead to disqualification.


  • Heeba(Literary Head) :- 8968649801
  • Kavya Goyal(Joint Secretary) :- 9465218915