Fusion Band

The sound of life, the sound of fusion.

The fusion music scene looks brilliantly promising with all the young and talented musicians who want to integrate different forms of music to create fresh sounds, and are ready to face any challenge that their journey may involve. The artists have chosen their music to be the medium through which they can express themselves and convey their message to the world. At the heart of any fusion music there is an urge to unite. It is only when an artist rises above the constraints of a particular style and tradition that true fusion is accomplished and a greater freedom of expression is achieved.

Fusion band


  1. Team limit is 8 members.
  2. Time limit is 12 minutes including sound check.
  3. Original compositions will be appreciated and fusion of different genres is expected.
  4. Judging criteria : innovation of different genres, amalgamation of different rhythms and beat pattern.
  5. Any kind of vulgarity and blasphemy will lead to disqualification
  6. The decision of judges will be final.


  • Sophia(Cultural Head) :- 7837372808
  • Ayushi Goel(Cultural Co-Head) :- 8427454624