About Face Painting

Face painting along with body painting has its roots in ancient history and has been associated with cultural practices and traditions. Both face and body painting have existed around the world. There is some evidence that even Neanderthals may have practiced face painting. Face painting has been employed for religious or cultural traditions, hunting, military reasons, theatre, or for artistic purposes. Unlike tattoos which are permanent, face painting is a temporary work that lasts several hours or even days as with the case of henna painted decoration.

Street Play


  1. Maximum number of members is 2
  2. Time limit is 1 hour
  3. Colors will be provided
  4. Registrations can be done online as well as on the spot

Certificates and Prizes

  • Participation Certificates will be given to participating teams
  • Certificate of Excellence will be given to winning teams


  • Sophia(Cultural Head) :- 7837372808
  • Ayushi Goel(Cultural Co-Head) :- 8427454624