Robo Soccer


  • Width : maximum 250mm

  • Length : maximum 250mm

  • Height : No Limit


  • General rules of the game:

    • First round will be a knockout round where losing team will be eliminated. Second round will be played between qualified teams and then the top two teams will be selected based on points difference for the final.

    • Maximum 4 players can participate as a team, where only 2 will control the robots in the arena.

  • Duration of matches is as follows:

    • First and second round will be of 5 minutes each, each half of 2.5 minutes.

    • Final round will be of 6 min, each half of 3 min.

    • In case of a tie, extra time of 2 min will be given following the golden goal rule (team scoring the first goal wins).

  • In game rules:

    • Each team will place 2 robots in the field, of which one is a defender while the other is striker.

    • Goalkeeper/Defender has to stay behind the centre line (that is in their half), crossing which, would lead to a foul.

    • Substitution of robots during the competition is not allowed.

    • NOTE: In case of any technical issue in robot while in match, no time would be given to rectify it until half time.

  • Regarding robot:

    • Robot can be wired or wireless (if wired, wires should be kept above 30 cm from ground using plastic cylindrical structure or by some other means).

    • Weight: Robot should not weigh more than 2kg.

    • Robots that cause deliberate interference with other robots or damage the field will be disqualified.

NOTE: Humans that cause deliberate interference with robots or damage the field will be disqualified


Gaganpreet Singh : +91 85560 60209