Line Follower

Dimensions of Robot

  1. Width – maximum 250mm

  2. Length -maximum 250mm

  3. Height – no limit


  1. A maximum of 4 members are allowed in a team.

  2. The robot must be controlled autonomously with no human aid.

  3. The controller unit should be embedded in the robot and cannot be placed outside the robot.

  4. The robot must be started manually with a start button. The start button should have the word written near the button. The button is pressed by a judge.

  5. The robot must be powered by a power source such as a battery fixed on the robot.

  6. The Robot cannot be powered by a stationary power source connected to the robot by a cord.

  7. One team member is elected as the robot handler. Only that team member is permitted to handle the robot during the game. All other team members must remain outside the game zone.

  8. The robot will be placed at the START point and checked by one of the referees.

  9. Weight : Robot should not weigh more than 2 kg .

  10. Robots that cause deliberate interference with other robots or damage to the field will be disqualified.

  11. Humans that cause deliberate interference with robots or damage to the field will be disqualified.

  12. It is expected that the aim of all teams is to play a fair and clean game


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