KBC Quiz


  1. Maximum team size is of 2 students.

  2. In Round 1 questions will be given which can be one word, MCQ , or visuals.

  3. On basis of marks obtained in 1st round teams will qualify for next round.

  4. Round 2 will be a buzzer round.

  5. The team which presses the buzzer first will be given the chance to answer. After pressing the buzzer you have to give the answer immediately within 10 seconds.

  6. For each correct answer +20 points will be awarded and for a wrong answer -10 points will be awarded.

  7. If a team gives a wrong answer then the question passes to the team who pressed the buzzer second, if they also don’t give the right answer then the question will be dismissed.

  8. Team with maximum points will be the winner.

  9. Decision of quiz master will be final.


Tanishq Chamola : +91 88728 80510