Visual Voyage


22 November 2023


1pm onwards


LH 1

Team Size:



Someone: (+91) 76969-69696
Someone: (+91) 76969-69696

1. Team Composition (At max 3):
c. Each team must consist of maximum 3 members.
d. Participants may only be a member of one team throughout the entire duration of the hackathon.
2. Problem Statement:
c. UI design related problem statement, the specific topic will be revealed on the day of the event.
d. All projects must be original and developed within the designated time frame of the hackathon.
3. Event Format and Presence:
d. The hackathon will be conducted in an offline format at a physical location.
e. At least one participant from each team must be physically present at the designated location for the entire duration of the event.
f. Remote participation or virtual teams will not be allowed to maintain the neutrality of the event.
4. Submission:
d. Teams are required to submit their project offline via USB pendrives provided by the organizing committee.
e. UI designs must be submitted in a specified digital format. Common formats include PNG, JPEG, or a design file from a recognized design tool (e.g., Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD).
f. Use of templates is not allowed; the creation must be original.
g. Along with the UI design Files, teams must include a readme file that provides the following information:
iv. Product Manual: A detailed guide on how to use and interact with the project.
v. General Working: An overview of the project's functionality and purpose.
vi. Technologies and Frameworks Incorporated: A list of the technologies, programming languages, and frameworks used in the project.
5. Equipment and Belongings:
d. Participants are expected to bring their own laptops, chargers, and any other necessary equipment required for the hackathon.
e. All participants are responsible for the safety and security of their personal belongings during the event.
6. Disqualification:
c. The organizing team reserves the right to disqualify any team who is found violating the rules or engaging in any unfair practices.
d. By participating in the hackathon, all participants agree to abide by these rules and accept the decision of the organizing team as final.
e. Any unfair means including the use of Gen AI tools like Framer etc. will lead to an instant disqualification.
7. Intellectual Property:
c. Participants retain full ownership of their design.
8. Judging Criteria: Projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
e. Innovation and Creativity
f. User Experience and Design
g. Aesthetics and Visual Appeal
h. Impact and Practical Application

Visual Voyage