Photography Competetion


22 November 2023


1pm onwards


LH 1

Team Size:



Nirbhik: (+91) 9779506986

1. Photographs must be clicked after theme announcement
2. Participants can click photographs on any of the themes. They can submit at max 2 entries on the same theme. One without EXIF data (and hence the date) will not be accepted. Make sure that your camera date is set before you click a picture
3. Participants have to submit RAW files (eg .CR2, NEF etc.) along with the edited photos.
4. Only Basic Editing is allowed. Participants MUST NOT add or remove elements from photographs. You may crop a photo and perform colour corrections and processing
5. Participants can provide adescription for their entries (not exceeding 30 words). It should be written in a pdf file and submitted along with the photographs.
6.Do not include your credentials, watermarks in the picture or the frame. Such photos will be disqualified and any sign of plagiarism will lead to disqualification.

PhotoGraphy Comp