Paper Presentation


22 November 2023


1pm onwards


LH 1

Team Size:



Someone: (+91) 76969-69696
Someone: (+91) 76969-69696

Team size:
1-2 members
A4 Sheets : 2 packs
Stationary: Stapler & stapler pins, pencils, pens
sitting arrangement for participants in CAD-Lab-2, access to projector for presentation, a waiting room for contestants during presentation round.
General Rules:
1. The topics for the paper can be chosen by your own. It is advisable that the presentation focuses on one particular topic. Report should be well comprehended, albeit advanced which could appeal to an undergraduate.
2. Abstract should not exceed more than 250 words and Paper should not exceed 15 pages.
3. The subject of the mail with the attached abstract and later, the final paper should be the domain and subcategory under which the paper is categorized.
4. Kindly bring your PowerPoint presentation on a CD or a pen-drive.
5. Soft-copies of the submitted paper and PowerPoint presentations must be in the .docx format.
6. Kindly Mail your abstract, paper and ppt
7. The teams will get 10 minutes for presentation and followed by question-and-answer session.
8. The mail with submissions should contain:
Title- theme of the paper.
Names of the authors.
Phone no of the authors.
E-mail ID’s.
1. Paper should be in IEEE Format.
2. Paper must contain index, list of figures, list of tables, abstract, introduction, point wise description of subject and conclusion, Result and references.
3. Paper must be preceded by a cover page specifying the title of the paper, names of authors and their college names as well as their contact numbers and email ids.
4. Last day to submit soft copy of your report (via e-mail) will be two days prior to the day of presentation.
5. After you have submitted the soft copy, a panel of judges will go through your material
6. The abstract mail should contain abstract, references, your e-mail id and mobile number.
7. The decision of judges will be final

Paper Presentation