Guest Talk


22 November 2023


1pm onwards


LH 1

Team Size:



Someone: (+91) 76969-69696
Someone: (+91) 76969-69696

About the Event
A guest talk, also known as a guest lecturer or invited speaker event, will be a presentation or speech delivered by an invited individual who is an expert in a specific field or subject. These talks are commonly organized by educational institutions, conferences, seminars, corporate events, or community groups to provide unique insights, expertise, and perspectives on a particular topic.
1. Purpose: The primary purpose of a guest talk is to provide valuable information, knowledge, or inspiration to the audience. It offers a fresh perspective, expertise, or real-world experience that may not be readily available through regular coursework or presentations.
2. Audience: The audience for a guest talk can vary widely, depending on the event's purpose. It may include students, faculty, professionals, community members, or anyone interested in the topic. Thi is subject to footfall of the event.
We will be inviting an eminent guest speaker for this event. The topic of the talk will revolve around the hot trends and upcoming feats in technology. Fun filled and informative event. We are expecting a footfall of 80-100 people as theĀ audience.

Guest Talk