Bridge It


22 November 2023


1pm onwards


LH 1

Team Size:



Someone: (+91) 76969-69696
Someone: (+91) 76969-69696

1. Teams can have a maximum of 3 members.
2. All college students with a valid student ID card can participate.
3. Build a bridge with the materials provided.
4. The bridge should have two footings at least (spaced at least 250 mm apart) and the maximum footing width can be 300 mm.
5. The roadway must be continuous, allowing a 10cm x 10cm vehicle to pass through the entire length.
6. The bridge's total height from the footing should be at least 100 mm.
7. The bridge will be tested for a deflection of 30 mm and rated based on the load it can support.
8. The load considered will be the weight supported by the bridge until failure or until a deflection of 30 mm at the center.
9. The bridge will be judged based on length, width, height, maximum load it can support, and deflection.

Bridge it