Conventional Debate


  1. Participants will get to choose from theme of their choice.

  2. Participants will be given FOR or AGAINST based on the toss of a coin.

  3. Participants will then be given a topic from their selected theme.

  4. Each participant gets 2 minute to prepare.

  5. Everyone gets a speaking time of 3 minute, at the last minute they have to answer a question of the opponent. So total 4 minutes of speaking time.

  6. Next, the opponent has to give his speech and the question is asked by the previous speaker.

  7. Participants are judged based on their content, convincing ability, answer they give to the POI, manner of speaking and confidence.


    Finalists are to be selected after semifinal round, followed by the final round. Two positions are there i.e. 1st and the runner up who gets a trophy and a certificate by the judges


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