1. Script should be original/self-written and not be copied, if found guilty, would result in disqualification of team.

  2. Team limit is 20 members including member in charge of music.

  3. Substitutions are not allowed.

  4. No restriction on use of musical instruments. Marks will be on creative use of musical instruments and not on their number.

  5. No limit on the number of props used. Marks will be given on creative use of props and not on their number.

  6. Vulgarity, blasphemy, offensive content against any particular sect/ public figure is strictly not permissible; points may be deducted for the same.

  7. Languages used can be Hindi or English, although short inclusions of other languages are acceptable until it’s understandable to a certain extent.

  8. Any electronic device or recorded music is not allowed.

  9. Negative points for exceeding time-limit.

  10. Decision of judges will be final.


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