Just A Minute (JAM)


  1. Participants are given a set of words and a preparation time of a minute.

  2. Participants have to make a story or sentence using those set of words and it should make complete sense.

  3. Participants are asked to set a proxy name for the sake of JAM GOD.

  4. JAM GOD decides when to start, how to start and who will start.

  5. JAM GOD is responsible for looking after the errors and scoring.

  6. Total time allotted is 1 minute per JAM session.

  7. Participants have to point out the errors and they are marked on the basis of that.

  8. Legitimate errors include – Late start, early start, slip of tongue, grammatical errors, pause in between, use of hands for gesture, voice modulation, stammering, stuttering and many like that.

  9. Errors are admitted only by jam god.


    The winner is selected by the Jam God based on the different rounds of jam. Only one prize-winner gets a trophy and a certificate by the judges


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