Counter Strike

Tournament Rules - CS GO

  1. Choice Of side:Determined by a Knife Round And Winner will Choose the side by typing .stay or .switch in the chat.

  2. If Server Crashes Before 3 Rounds have Been Completed, The Server Must Be Restarted And The half's Score Will Be Reset To 0-0.

  3. If Server Crashes After 3 Rounds have Been Completed, The Half Must Be Restarted With Start Money 2000 And Score Will Be Counted From The Last Completed Round.The Team That Lost The Last Round kills Itself Using "Kill" in the console.This Round Does Not Count.The Half Continues With The Following Round.The Start money has To Be Set to 800 Again

  4. Player Drop: Dropped Player Will Be Waited For 15 Minutes.If That player or Its Substitute Rejoins The Server then Game Will Continue Else That Team Will Play With 1 Player Less

  5. Warmup: To Start The Match All Contestents Have To Type .ready in the chat. Participant can forfeit on their own will which will result in loss of the match and possible penalty points

  6. Illegal Scripts: All Scripts Except for buy, toggle and demo are illegal.

  7. HUD can be changed as long as no information is deleted or falsified which is available in the standard HUD.

  8. Illegal Software And Hardware Tools: Changing Game Graphics/Texture with the help of video card drivers or similar tools is illegal.

  9. Tools That Only Display the FPS are legal

  10. In Config Folder Only Config Files Are Allowed.Pictures, demos, screenshots are Forbidden.


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