CAD Modelling

Problem Statement

The CAD Modelling contest at Mech-Apratim is a mechanical design competition focusing on 3-D modelling of various mechanical parts.It is open for single person entry only.The contestansts will be assingned various challenging models with enough dimensions and 2D views to create the 3-D model of the same.


  1. The total time given for modelling of parts is 2 hrs.

  2. Participants must bring their own laptops for the coompetition,as laptops will not be provided in the competition.They are allowed to use any 3D modelling software(2D drafting softwares are not allowed) .

  3. Drawings for a total of 6 parts with varying difficulty level will be provided.

  4. The marks will be alloted to each part according to their difficulty level.

  5. The participant has to model as many 3d parts as possible and as accurately as possible in the same time alloted to them.

  6. The judging will be done by matching the volume of the 3D model generated by the participant to the original CAD model from which the drawings are being made.

  7. In case the volume of a 3d model does not matches to that of the original CAD model within percentage error of 2% the marks will be deducted after inspection of the model.

  8. In case any participant fails to complete the CAD model within the given time ,that modlel will be disqualified and will not be judged.

  9. The person with the highest score in the end will be declared as the winner along with first and second runnerup.

  10. Individual entries only

  11. The organizers reserve all rights to change any of the above rules as they deem fit.Changes in rules,if any will be highlighted on the website.

  12. In case of a discrepancy decision of the judges shall be treated as final and binding.


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