Aqua Jet

Problem Statment

Design and fabricate a single stage water rocket using a plastic container preferably a softbottle that uses a combination of pressurized air and water propulsion to complete a defined task.A launcher should also be constructed that could be launched.The Water rocket safely.

Design Specification

1.The Capacity of the plastic container to be used should be less than or equal to two Liters. 2.Only water can be used as a propellant No other gas is allowed to be pressurized and provide thrust to the racket. 3.The maximum pressure should not exceed 60 psi. 4.Only the above given propellent should be used for launching.No other potential,kinetic,or any other form of energy will be permitted for the launch. 5.The launcher must remain stationery on the ground while and after the launching of the racket. 6.No component or body part of the rocket should get detached from the maiin frame during the flights of the rockets.If detached,the rocket will be disqualified. 7.The flange and the mouth of thebottle can be used to hold the rocket while pressurizing. 8.Upper tip of the rocket should be visible and marked red. 9.No electronic device can be used. 10.The launching mechanism should be such that partcipantsis enable to launch rocket safely from the launcher.

Safety Preecautions,Hints and Tips

1.To keep rocket aerodynamically stable there is a rule of thumb that states that the center od darg should be 1-2 times the distance equal to rocket diameter,behind the Centre of Gravity.Where COD can be found by making a cardboarrd cut-off of the sideways view of the rocket and finding its center of gravity. 2.To lower COD you can use wings to rise COG try using weights on the nose of the rocket. 3.Be careful while experimenting with water rocket.Use of Excessive pressure might lead to an accident. 4.Do not use mineral water bottles as they cannot withstand the high pressure. 5.Don't use any metallic part as it can cause harm. 6.Safety googles are advised to be worn by the competitors.


Any of the following if satisfied may lead to disqualification of a team: 1.Rocket found dangerous by organizers or judges. 2.The rocket don't have a trigering safety launch from 1m from launch.


  1. Topics will be given on the spot.

  2. The team limit is 2-5 members.

  3. The time duration is 10 minutes for preparation and 2-4 minutes for execution.

  4. Only original ideas will be entertained.

  5. The Decision of the judges will be final.


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