Bhangra Wars

Bhangra, The Beat That Has The World Dancing

Bhangra has a very energetic and lively tone and the dance is equally vivacious. It is a genre of music and dance known for its drum beats and lively rhythms. The dresses that are worn during a Bhangra performance are very bright, bold and colorful to symbolize the joyful and celebratory nature of the occasion. Since there is a lot of movement associated with this dance form, it is very important that the dresses allow the dancers to move freely. This is why the clothing worn by the dancers are loose fitting so as to ensure that body movement isn’t constricted.

Bhangra Wars

Rules for the Competition

  1. Only Bhangra Dance form is allowed.
  2. Random song will be played for 1-2 minutes.
  3. One on One wars between 2 individuals.
  4. Judges decision will be final.