Robo Wars

Design and fabricate an autonomous or manual vehicle capable of battling others of the same kind. The competition is carried out in a tournament format, competitors will bring their robots ready to battle and will be pitted against their competitors’ robots in one-on-one matches where the aim is to push the opponent’s robot off the arena and scoring maximum points.

Robo Wars


    1. A robot is declared victorious if its opponent is immobilized.
    2. A robot will be declared immobile if it cannot display linear motion of at least one inch in a timed period of 30 seconds. A bot with one side of its drivetrain disabled will not be counted out if it can demonstrate some degree of controlled movement. In case both the robots remain mobile after the end of the round then the winner will be decided subjectively.
    3. A robot that is deemed unsafe by the judges after the match has begun will be disqualified and therefore declared the loser. The match will be immediately halted and the opponent will be awarded a win.
    4. If a robot is thrown out of the arena the match will stop immediately, and the robot still inside the arena will automatically be declared as the winner.
    5. Robots cannot win by pinning or lifting their opponents. Organizers will allow pinning or lifting for a maximum of 20 seconds per pin/lift then the attacker robot will be instructed to release the opponent. If, after being instructed to do so, the attacker is able to release but does not, their robot may be disqualified. If two or more robots become entangled or a crushing or gripping weapon is employed and becomes trapped within another robot, then the competitors should make the timekeeper aware, the fight should be stopped and the robots separated by the safest means.
    6. Points will be given on the basis of aggression, damage, control and strategy.
    7. Machine should not harm the track; any harm to arena will lead to disqualification.
    8. Machine having any externally placed power supply, will not have dimensions of power supply included in size constraints. In use of onboard power supply, machine along with power supply shouldfollow the dimension criteria.
    9. The maximum weight allowed is 50kg including batteries. Weight will be measured at the time of inspection before starting the competition.
    10. During the match, the machine cannot detach itself into multiple parts.
    11. Each team can have maximum 5 members. Students from different institutes can form a team.
    12. Unethical behaviour could lead to disqualification. Faculty-coordinators have all the rights to take final decision for any matter during the event.
    13. Certificates will be given to all the participants.

Weapons System

    Robots can have any kind of flippers, saws, lifting devices, spinning hammers etc. as weapons, except some of the limitations:
    1: No liquid projectiles.
    2: No use of any kind of flammable liquid.
    3: No use of explosive material or ignitable solids.
    4: No high power magnets or electromagnets
    5: No radio jamming, tesla coils or any other high voltage device.
    6.Cutting of opponent power supply will lead to disqualification

Saftey Rules

    1: In no case should the arena be damaged by any robot.
    2: Special care should be taken to protect onboard batteries.
    3: No harm should be given to spectators due to any of the robots in battlefield.
    4: All participants build and operate robots at their own risk.

    Decision of the organising team will be final and no challenge shall be accepted once the final decision is made.


    For further enquiry contact:
    Navneet Mangal(Mech Tech Head) : 7589368786
    Sagar Virk(Mech Tech Co-Head) : 9041214508