Robo Race


In this competition various teams from different colleges participate with their robots. The purpose of organising this event is to let various teams compete with their robots which are designed and fabricated by the team members purchased robots won’t be allowed to participate and the team will straightway disqualified. Robot of the each team is required to complete the race track designed. The track consists of various obstacles, steep, slopes and in case the robot is incapable to cross the obstacle then the robot could be lifted by any of the team member but a time penalty is imposed. Each team is required to strictly follow the rules which will be briefed to all the teams prior to the competition. Team which finishes the race track the fastest will be the winner.

Aqua Jet

Robot Specifications

    1. The maximum dimension of the robot can be 30 x 30 cm (l x b).
    2. The robot may be wired or wireless.
    3. The length of the wire (for wired bots) should be long enough to cover the whole track and wire should remain slack during the complete run.
    4. Max weight must not exceed 6 kg.
    5. The power supply will be provided maximum up to 24 Volt. 6. Readymade toys cars are not allowed.


    1. Robot should be as per the given specifications.
    2. Each team can have maximum 3 members. Students from different institutes can form a team.
    3. No entry fee.
    4. Each member of the team must contain the identity card of his/her respected institute.
    5. The robot should not damage the arena.
    6. The robot must not leave behind any of its parts during the run; else it will result in disqualification.
    7. Unethical behavior could lead to disqualification. Faculty-coordinators have all the rights to take final decision for any matter during the event. 8. Judge's decision will be considered final.


    For further enquiry contact:
    Yogesh : 9888668818
    Vishal : 9530770162