CAD Modelling


World of designing is running more than the speed of light. Now it’s time to express your imagination power. Here “CAD MODELLING” is challenging your designing brilliance. Now the battle has begun so challenge your mind. If you are mad for cad so get armed up with all your design weapons and tricks in this war of designing. The event is aimed at providing an opportunity to various students to show their modelling skills. The team has to choose one software i.e. AUTOCAD, CRIO, SOLIDWORKS.

CAD Modelling


    1. Only individual can participate in this event. Team is not allowed.
    2. Participants will be provided with a problem on the spot. The participants must come up with the solution within the stipulated time. The participants will be provided with pre-installed AUTOCAD systems.
    3. Candidate should have any extra design apart from what provided by the Faculty- coordinator.
    4. Each member must contain the Identity card of his/her respective institute.
    5. Unethical behavior could lead to disqualification. Faculty-coordinator have all the rights to take final decision for any matter during the event.
    6. Judge's decision will be considered final.


    For further enquiry contact:
    Yogesh : 9888668818
    Vishal : 9530770162