About JAM

Just A Minute

JAM involves multiple speakers attempting to speak for as long as possible in Queen’s English. Be ready for fierce competition, here nerves of steel, wits, patience and some common sense required to sail through! Other speakers attempt to point out errors in order to gain a turn to speak. While this may seem easy, it is extremely tough and this can be gauged by the fact that one round (1 minute of JAM) lasts for about half an hour

Street Play


  • 1. The JAM master is god. No questions or arguments once the final decision has been made.
  • 2. Participants have to speak continuously without stuttering, stammering or making grammatical errors.
  • 3. While a participant is speaking the other has to look for errors JAM when the error is made.
  • 4. The total time is sixty seconds, inclusive of all the time that all the speakers in a given round are allowed to speak.
  • 5. The winner is the person with the maximum number of points at the end of the round.