Dance that show the richness of our culture

There’s perhaps no better way to explore the vast cultural landscape of India than through its folk song and dance. Each state and region offers a unique glimpse and taste into its way of life, rituals and traditions. And the more you explore, the more you realize that although they all tell the same story, what’s truly magical is how different they still are from each other.



    1. The participants should have a firm technical knowledge.
    2. Each team can consist of maximum 3 members.
    3. Helping the other teams or gaining external help will lead to disqualification.
    4. Damaging the clues of the other teams by a team member or the team will lead to entire team disqualification.
    5. The team will try to find out the solution of questions which will give the clue of next place.
    6. The team which will find the final destination in least amount of time will be awarded with goodies and winner certificate.


    For further enquiry contact:
    Varinder Kaur : 8872992105
    Aamna : 9878349433