Bot Carrom

It is a technical event of electronics branch and this game is really fun . All you have to do is to build a wireless RC Robot which fulfills the criterions described in rules and now you are ready to compete in arena . The game is very simple and very much similar to football or hockey . Two teams will compete in once .Their will be a indoor court with two goal posts of size mentioned in rules and 10 wooden blocks will be kept separately on the field . The thing you have to do is to push as many as possible blocks into your goal with help of your RC Robot . The team getting more blocks to their side will be winning . For more details go though the rules and instructions provided .

Bot Carrom

Robot Specifications

    1. Size: 25cm*25cm*25cm
    2. Power: 24V(max)
    3. Maximum weight: 1.5kg
    4. There should not be any holding mechanism.


    1. Game will start with a toss winning team will hit first and then the other team can start.
    2. The winner of the toss has the option to change sides from white to black. If the winner of the toss chooses to change sides then the looser must strike first.
    3.Two bots will start from their respective sides.
    4. 17 carrom-men of diameter of diameter 8cm will be kept at center of the arena.
    5. 8 carrom-men (of one color) belong to one team. 6. If the carom-men falls out of the arena the team that made flick will be penalized with 5 points.
    6. Points will be awarded for each successful knock into pocket.
    7. A successful pocket entitles the player to shoot again.
    8. Any player pocketing the queen is required to cover it immediately pocketing one of their carom men. If after pocketing the queen the player fails to cover it then the queen is returned to the center.
    9. Pocketing a striker is a foul. A player committing a foul must return one carom man that has already pocketed.
    10. If striker (i.e. bot)and carom-men both are pocketed together then double foul and one free hit to that respective team.
    11. Blocking the path of opposite team will lead to penalty.
Bot Carrom


    1. Each carom-men : 20 points.
    2. Queen : 50 points.
    3. Flicking out of arena : -5 points.
    4. Bots collision : -10 points.
    5. Foul : -5 points.
    6. Double foul : -10 points (& free hit).
    7. Any harm to arena : Disqualify.
Bot Carrom

Technical Rules

    1. Team members will not be allowed to touch any part of the arena. The team will be disqualified whose member found touching the arena.
    2. Teams are not allowed to make any changes to the bot once the game has started.
    3. Team must bring their own D.C. supply.
    4. Decision of organizers will be final.
    5. If the robot faces any technical problem during the match time will not stop; only in case of main power failure it will be taken under consideration.
Bot Carrom

Game Rules

    1. Game will be played on knock down basis. The team losing the game will be out of the competition and the winner team will wait for the next round.
    2. Each round will be of 5 minutes and the team with higher score will be declared the winner of that round.
    3. In case both teams have equal score with in the allotted time then each team will be given 1 min more in the arena .The with highest score will be declared as winner.
    4.Semi-final and final round will be of 10 minutes.
    5.If any team tries to hit the opponent intentionally then the team will be disqualifies immediately.


    For further enquiry contact:
    Ritik Sharma(ECE Tech Head) : 8219728580
    Gaurav(ECE Tech Co-Head): 8289093144