Bot Carrom

Dance that show the richness of our culture

There’s perhaps no better way to explore the vast cultural landscape of India than through its folk song and dance. Each state and region offers a unique glimpse and taste into its way of life, rituals and traditions. And the more you explore, the more you realize that although they all tell the same story, what’s truly magical is how different they still are from each other.

Bot Carrom

Robot Specifications

    1. Robots have to operate autonomously or can be remote-controlled(Bluetooth or any hand held device).
    2. All systems (like sensors, power supply, data-processing and control-systems) have to completely reside on the robot.
    3. The teams are allowed to use ready- made micro-controller boards/ready-made sensor kits. However they are not allowed to use Lego kits or any similar assemblies.
    4. And violation of any of the above rules shall lead to disqualification.
    5. Machine should have an on-board power supply. No external power supply is allowed.


    1. An Arena is there which is further divided into two parts, part one and part two,one each for the two opponents and the two opponents have to start simultaneously.
    2. Each part of arena is further divided into two sub parts, part 1(A), part 1(B) and both will have a dumping area to dump the blocks.
    3. There are total 13 blocks.
    4. 6 blocks for part 1 and these 6 blocks will be divided into triplets and will be kept in two sub parts,part 1(A) and part 1(B) and the same 6 blocks for the second opponent. And there will be a prime block as well.
    5. The 3 blocks in part 1(A) gives 10 points each, moving the blocks from their current position to the dumping area.
    6. And similar goes for 3 blocks in part 1(B) but they will provide 20 points each.
    7. The middle space is for the prime block which gives 50 points if moved by the opponent in his/her dumping area.
    8. • Violation of any of rules will lead to disqualification. Changes can be made on the spot without any prior notice. Organisers' decision shall be treated as final and binding on all.


    For further enquiry contact:
    Varinder Kaur : 8872992105
    Vivek :8198031973