About Web Designing

It is a Designing event in which participants will be shown a Webpage and their task would be to make a webpage by their own which will look exactly the same as that shown to them. They'll be coding in HTML, CSS, JS and can use Photoshop for designing.

Web Designing


  1. The web designing will be a team-based events so you can have maximum 2 members in your team.
  2. It'll be a 2:30 hours event, with 2 hours dedicated coding time.
  3. Use of photoshop or any other designing software is allowed, only for UI design.
  4. Use of WordPress and others CMS are not allowed
  5. Use of Bootstrap framework and JQuery Library are allowed.
  6. Internet usage is not allowed, all required resources will be provided beforehand.
  7. You'll be judged on your innovation and creativity. Also, it should be strictly relevant with the theme.
  8. In case of any dispute the decision of judges will be final.
Web Designing


  • 12th October, 2018
  • 1:30pm to 4pm
  • 2 hours dedicated coding session
Web Designing


  1. Laptops are welcome, but PC will be provided.
  2. Normal text editor should be present with basic Web Dev Language support, otherwise Sublime Text will be provided
  3. Modern Web Browser for your testing needs (NOT Internet Explorer, this is the 21st Century)
  4. Pen and Paper as per need.
  5. Bootstrap and Jquery files downloaded and accessible offline, will be provided.
  6. Participants will require a catchy team name, teams without a catchy name are liable to disqualification


  • Sidak: 9876588999
  • Charanjit: 9814736348
  • Ashlin(CSE Tech Head) :- 8556950259
  • Vivsvaan(CSE Tech Co-Head) :- 9592972225