Web Designing

Engaging,purposeful Nd creative

Designing aficionados, here we bring you an exciting theme based web development contest "Design Your Web". Brag your HTML, CSS, and other web designing skills and earn a chance to win exciting prizes.

Web Designing


    1. The web designing will be a team based event so you can have maximum 2 members in your team.
    2. It'll be a 3 hours event, with 2 hours dedicated coding time.
    3. Use of photoshop or any other designing software is allowed, only for UI design.
    4. Use of wordpress and other CMS are not allowed.
    5. Use of Bootstrap framework and Jquery Library are allowed.
    6. Internet usage is not allowed, all required resources will be provided beforehand.
    7. You'll be judged on your innovation and creativity. Also it should be strictly relevant with the theme.
    8. In case of any dispute the decision of judges will be final.


    For further enquiry contact:
    Sahil : 9463396207
    Kabir : 9872092890