Town Planning

Dance that show the richness of our culture

There’s perhaps no better way to explore the vast cultural landscape of India than through its folk song and dance. Each state and region offers a unique glimpse and taste into its way of life, rituals and traditions. And the more you explore, the more you realize that although they all tell the same story, what’s truly magical is how different they still are from each other.

Town Planning

Team Specifications

    1. A maximum of 2 members are allowed in a team.
    2. Eligibility: All students with a valid student id card from their respective colleges are allowed to participate.


    1. The event will contain 2 rounds.
    2. 1st round will be a basic town planning round and the selected students from this round will be qualified for the 2nd round.
    3. 2nd round will contain specific conditions which are to be fulfilled while planning the town.
    4. Evaluation will be done on the number of amenities included in town and population occupied and how much free and green area is left in the city.
    5. Participants are not allowed to use mobiles and internet.
    6. Discussion with others will lead to disqualification of the participants.
    7. Decision of judges will be final.


    For further enquiry contact:
    Sahil : 9463396207
    Jasmine : 98761 26675