About Bob The Builder

Every civil engineer’s dream is to design his/her own structure. So here is a chance to build and live your dream.

Bob The Builder

Teams Specifications

  1. A maximum of 2 members are allowed in a team.
  2. Eligibility: All students with a valid student id card from their respective colleges are allowed to participate.


  1. Maximum of 12 teams will be allowed to participate.
  2. Each team has to construct a structure using playing cards and double sided tape only.
  3. Only one deck of cards and one tape roll will be provided to one team.
  4. Team can cut or fold the cards according to the requirement.
  5. Structure can be anything, from one story, two story buildings to towers etc.
  6. Structure should stand within an area of 80x80 cm2.
  7. Height of the structure should not exceed 100cm.
  8. Structure will be judged from the architectural point of view and on the basis of aesthetics.
  9. In case of any dispute the decision of judges will be final.


  • Mohammad Ayaz Ali(Civil Tech Head) :- 8699131549
  • Lavish(Civil Tech Co-Head) :- 6283028113